Tuesday, February 7, 2012

turning this blog into a shrine

since i havent had a thought except for 'hugh laurie' i my head for the last week, i have decided to stop fighting the obsession and just go with the flow.

so i am going to inform all of you esteemed readers that this blog will now function as a shrine to the man. if i must suffer alternating pangs of lust and lovelorn-ness then i must document this return to fangirldom.

today i downloaded a bbc miniseries just because he was in it. i don't even like criminal-thriller type things from the 90's. euw.

i have also watched every single interview with hugh laurie on youtube.

i am now listening to his protest song. which i am enjoying so much i shall leave you another song instead.


despite the fact that he's singing with an american accent, despite the fact that he is not from the deep south and singing the blues, i like the album. but this might be because my brain has been evacuated and hugh laurie shaped bubbles of love are occupying it instead.


  1. Er.. I come bearing bad news. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/08/house-final-season-8_n_1263991.html


  2. i saw that myself earlier..
    all i want is for cuddy to come back and for that sich to be resolved. because the show without her is boring anyway.

  3. http://www.soberinanightclub.com/2012/02/rip-house-md.html

  4. i am not sad it is ending. i knew it would. just like coupling, better off ted, firefly, dollhouse and pan am.
    if we like them they will die.

    on the other hand garbage like two and half men will go on forever. barf.