Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hitting stuff

So today I went to a self-defense class. I learnt lots of useful things, like how to extract your wrist when someone is grabbing it really tight, and how to deal with someone who is trying to choke you. It was unnerving. Hitting people is harder than it seems. I found it difficult to muster up the aggression to deal with a pretend attacker. Then I came home and ate dinner. Which looked like this.
As you can see this is going to turn into an exercise and food blog. Because I really seem to think about very little else.

Friday, April 27, 2012


So on my last visit home my orthopaedist uncovered a pretty glaring vitamin D3 deficiency, and made me pledge to drink milk every day and eat fish at least twice a week. Yesterday I decided to conquer my fear of dealing with raw fish, and marched off to the supermarket with a friend in tow- she once fed me the most delicious baked salmon, I would count on her to guide me through this confusing shopping experience. We picked out some salmon, and this afternoon when I cooked it. Margo was at the library, so after some frantic texting I left her to her books, and got on to the fish prep on my own. With some olive oil, garlic, onion, fresh herbs, salt and a squeeze of lemon it turned out like this.
It turned out pretty well I think. Next time I shall be adding some ginger and a tiny bit of soy sauce.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

everything hurts because of yesterday's yoga class. two hours of dance today will finish me off. tomorrow i must find a bicycle so that i can continue to torture my body.