Saturday, May 26, 2012

spring cleaning

this evening i decided to clean up my wallet as there seemed to be a lot of bits and bobs in it.
i found a prescription of my grandfather's.
i found the business card of an ex boyfriend in which he had noted that we had been together from july 2008 to august 2009, and that any time in the future i could barge into his life and demand that he return to me for a maximum of four days. 
i found a gift coupon from a bookshop that i dearly loved, and that closed shop in 2008. given to me by said ex boyfriend as he had won it in a quiz. we went to the bookshop together and took pictures on the day it shut.
i kept the gift coupon and threw out all the rest.


  1. the last time i attempted to spring clean a wallet was in 2008. it was pure torture. may i suggest you copy me and buy new wallets everytime rather than attempt to spring clean them ? yes? no? maybe, joe?

  2. i don't have the chance to voluntarily buy new wallets because the old ones are full. before reaching a ripe old age my wallets often perish before their time, so if i had to buy new ones when full as well s dead i would e buying twice as many wallets :/

    what i could do though is just carry my money around in my pocket. or bra strap. thereby circumventing the need for a wallet. which is all psychological anyhow.

    (how nice to have you back)