Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scary stuff

Today my mother called me to tell me she had heard of a boy with a PhD from the U.S whose parents were looking for a suitable girl. She wanted to know if I was interested in her initiating a conversation about me filling that position.
I wanted to know if she knew anything more about him (she didn't), and if just a PhD from the U.S was my going rate.


  1. actually i'm not being fair to my mum. she was quite charmingly awkward while mentioning it, and i think she felt guilty for doing so. and then when i made a face at her she retreated v speedily.

    i know she was relieved at not having to meddle with my love life, but seeing as it doesn't exist at the moment she thought that part of her duties as a mother might extend to jump starting it.

  2. Well, my mother is sweet and awkward and apologetic about it each time. It still doesn't stop her from telling me about all these eligible men who are identified only by their degrees, geographic locations or "good families".

    As for non-existent love-lives and mothers...I'm glad ours aren't the type to meddle. I have a creepy story to share, but that is for when we can finally meet and chat. :)

  3. i was advertised a boy who can cook and drive. that is apparently my going rate :P

  4. anannya: i want to hear that story :) maybe we could make a skype date after the 15th of july?

    oof: you already have a boy who cooks, drives and is stellar in other ways. whom your mother has met. she's still pitching other people to you? :) i am amused.

  5. also i should have asked about the cooking.

    i know i want a boy who does not cook at all but will do the washing up and laundry without fail every time. i will be annoyed if someone tries to meddle with my kitchen.