Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I took a nap this afternoon and dreamt that my grandfather was at the door to have tea with me. He was fumbling with his mobile phone because he wasn't quite sure how to use it, alone, and slightly unsure about if he was there at the right time. And it was so disappointing because even in the dream I knew this was wrong- it was him but it could never have been him.

1. My grandfather was always on time; at places at the time he wanted to be at. If he was at my door it was the right time for him to be there. And he would never have been tentative about if it was a good time to see me. It was always a good time to see me. He knew that.

2.  My grandfather knew how to use his mobile phone. The two things he needed to do, disconnect calls and delete text messages without reading, he had mastered. Everything else was unnecessary and there was no uncertainty about this either.

3. We lived together, so there was no reason for him to visit me for tea. Had we lived in the same city we would have been in the same house. This visiting business was for other people. We were intimate enough to sit at the same table every night and eat out of the corner of each others plates. It wasn't the cute quirky thing grandfathers who occasionally see their offspring and dote on them do. It had the slightly competitive tinge of people who live together and know that whoever gets to the chutney first gets to eat more of it. Though we were never like this at tea. Only at breakfast.

But it was nice that he came to visit me while I was napping. There aren't too many other options left to us.

I think the dream was brought on by a deep deep desire to have someone make me a really good cup of tea.

 Cup of tea?


  1. Sometimes, my grandfather visits me in my sleep. :)

  2. do you then have tea together?

  3. love you. And also, do you remember when your grandfather woke up in the middle of the night and drove us like a star to the railway station just so that I would make it on time for the train?

  4. i do! he really was a star.

    you know he made me drive back by following a bus. and then started yelling when it turned away from the way we needed to take. as obv the bus was not going back to our house. and i got so startled that i followed the bus anyway. then he yelled at me. lol.